Adding A library to a project

  • Im trying to add the well known boost library to my C++ Project using Qt Creator

    The downloaded boost file sits in my drive, say, C:\boost_1_54_0

    So in my Qt Creator project file I include the following:

    bq. INCLUDEPATH += C:\boost_1_54_0
    LIBS += -LC:\C:\boost_1_54_0\boost\algorith\string -lstring

    Im not too sure abour "-lstring", what must I put in this place?
    When including #include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp> in the main file I get the error that there is no such file or directory.

    How do I include libraries?

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    Your include path doesn't look right. Don't you have a folder name "include" in your boost_1_54_0 directory ?

    Also, to avoid problems, you should replace all backslashes by forward slashes in your paths when using Qt.

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