Qt application on BeagleBoard-xM with the use of angstrom

  • Hi Friends,
    I have Developed an application for embedded system, I am using the Beagleboard-xM along with the angstrom
    Have anyone tried it ?
    If yes then I am having the confusion in selecting the additional packages in online image builder via narcissus

    this is the link for that

    I have currently taken the advance as an option and still having no clue that what do I have to select in different categories.
    My ultimate main is to run the QT IDE on my target board (beagleboard ) for that (on target ) packages are already given in Additional Development -> Native (on-target) Qt Embedded SDK. Do I have to select this package? and also I want GNOME environment.

    Please any suggestions and link are welcome

    Thank you


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    Please don't post the same thread multiple times in the same forum.


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