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QLocalSocket and QLocalServer and windows named pipe

  • I need to use named pipe in my application. In Qt
    documentation wrote that use QLocalSocket to achieve named pipe in windows. So
    I write simple client and server program. This program is works fine. The
    Client application sends message to the server and the server sends a
    confirmation message to the client.

    My question is this:

    I have a named pipe (\.\pipe\ServicePipe).
    I have another version of named pipe which writes in MFC. The server of this version
    should create a named pipe and populates it(This name is the same as which
    created In QT version). Why the Qt client version does not receive the message
    from this pipe line which populate by MFC server but the MFC client version can
    meet it, or MFC client version does not meet the information from Qt server?

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