[Solved] Compile qtdeclarative module from Qt5 development for iOS

  • Hi

    I am trying to cross-compile Qt5.2 on MacOS 10.8 for iOS, but qtdeclarative module compilation fails with

    library not found -lcrt1_st.o

    I have compiled qtbase, qtscript and qtquick1, but without qtdeclarative there is no way to interface C++ code with QML, right ? Is there a way to compile qtdeclarative ?


  • I don't know how to solve the problem...
    ... but I compiled only qtbase and qtquick1 for iOS and I made an app where C++ and QML interfaces in both ways without any problem.
    So, maybe, you don't have to explicity compile qtdeclarative (and qtscript).


  • QtDeclarative is included in QtQuick1 in Qt5.2

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