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QPushButton Text Position

  • Is it possible to change the text position for a QPushButton? I would like to place the text outside of the push button and below it, as shown in the attached screenshot. I would like to use the stylesheet.


  • You can use a QToolButton instead and call setToolButtonStyle ( Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon).

  • OK.

    I set up a ToolButton and used the following code.
    @ui->toolButton->setIconSize(QSize(40, 40));
    ui->toolButton->setToolButtonStyle (Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon);
    The text remains in the center of the button. What am I doing wrong?


  • I might have misunderstood at what you are trying to get at. Are you trying to have the text of the button outside of the visual bounds of the button?

  • Yes, I have a button with a diameter of 100 pixels and I want to place the text outside of that.
    After much searching it looks like the toolbutton ToolButtonTextUnderIcon will only move it outside of an icon of max 32x32 pixels.

    I have come to the conclusion that i have to subclass QPushButton and place the text where I want myself. Right now I am struggling with that, being new to Qt & C++.


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