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QDialog in subwindow mode

  • Hi all

    I have a question regarding possibility to show a dialog "workign" as subwindow like MDI windows do. The particular feature I'm interested in is to avoid the dialog to be moved outside the main window. Using MDI windows is not possible to move them outside the MDI area. I would to obtain the same result with a standard dialog. I tried to set the Qt::subWindow flag but seem not have the desired effect. Someone can suggest me the right way to follow for get the result?

    Thank you

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Did you try to give your dialog to QMdiArea::addSubWindow ?

  • Hi

    No, since my application is a SDI based. I would only to ask if is possible to obtain same "behaviour" in this conditions. Or maybe I don't understand very well your suggestion...

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    The best I can say would be to have a look at the QMdiArea code to see how it's done there.

    You could also subvert the use of QMdiArea for only one document.

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