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How to get complete strings and its translation from QTranslator object?

  • (Reposting in right place)

    Hello Guys,

    I have another interesting problem to solve.

    In my application, am using QApplication::tr() to translate the strings.

    And, I use QTranslator object to load the translator files on the application..

    What i need is,
    Since, QTranslator object is pointing or containing strings and its translations present in qm file, Is there a way where i can get all the strings and its translations?
    Is that possible?

    Please let me know..

    Appreciate your feedback again..


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    whats the difference to this "question": of yours?

  • Hi Raven,

    There is a slight difference..

    The another question is, with the string in hand, how to avoid loading translation to the application.

    In this case, I have a language loaded to the application using "install translator".

    Here, I want to get all the strings and its translations.

    We can use this for again, testing purpose.

    Was i clear? Please let me know.

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    i'm afraid that the QTranslator API is too weak for this, but i might be wrong.

  • Thanks for your quick response Raven.

    Kindly let me know if you get any thoughts on this...

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