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[SOLVED] QStandardItemModel's dataChanged signal doesn't get emitted

  • I have a QStandardItemModel attached to a QlistView, and i want to catch it's dataChanged signal however i can't. here is my code:
    this code is inside the constructor:
    @modelProvider = new QStandardItemModel(this);
    bool rv = false;
    rv = QObject::connect(modelProvider, SIGNAL(dataChanged(QModelIndex,QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(datachanged(QModelIndex,QModelIndex)));@

    connect returns true in rv!

    and here is my slot implementation:
    @void MyClass::datachanged(QModelIndex index, QModelIndex index2)
    QMessageBox::information(this, "test", "test");

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    Where do you change your model data ?

  • Hi,
    inside my class i have a function which creates the model based on data read from a file:
    void MyClass::getProvider()
    itemProvider = new QStandardItem(objStructProvider.Name);
    and i want to catch dataChanged signal of model(modelProvider) when user has changed the item(itemProvider) text inside model(modelProvider).

    by changing item text i mean: user double clicks on an item and the item enters editing state so that he can change it's text.
    thx 4 ur reply.

  • The problem is solved!
    i was initializing my Model for 2 times.

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