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Windows deployment (msvcrt.dll dependency, vcredist_64.exe version)

  • Prior to building Qt 5.1.1 statically, I have edited the file qtbase\mkspecs\win32-msvc2010\qmake.conf
    and replaced the compiler switch /MD with /MT, hoping my application would not depend on msvcrt.dll
    anymore, but according to the "depends" utility it still does.

    Should I have removed the embed_manifest_exe option from the CONFIG += line ?

    Besides, wouldn't it be harmful to execute vcredist_64.exe corresponding to, say, msvc 2010 on a system
    where msvc 2012 runtime lbraries are installed, msvcrt.dll being overwritten ? Or "conversely" to install a
    more recent version of the runtime on the target system while the application depends on another one ?

  • перезаписать!И удалить Vs так как они уже встроены в среду 5.1 в прочем как и другие компиляторы.

  • I am sure your answer to my post is quite informative but as you might suspect I do not read Russian. Or perhaps, were my questions too incongruous to deserve a reply I could understand ?

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