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[Moved] QtMobility on Windows

  • Hello,

    I followed the guide to compile and install QtMobility on Windows. I also added the path C:\QtMobility\lib to system PATH variable. The directory contains many .a, .dll and .prl files.

    -But if I try any examples or run QtCreator, I can't use any QtMobility components. I'm getting error No module named QtMobility.

    What can be wrong with my setup?-

    Edit: I found out that this probably a PySide problem. I'd better ask the guys from PySide regarding this. But still I have following problem in .qml files:

    I want to use QtMultimediaKit from QtMobility. But I'm getting this error:

    QMediaPluginLoader: Failed to load plugin: "C:/QtMobility/plugins/mediaservice/qtmedia_audioengined.dll" "The plugin 'C:/QtMobility/plugins/mediaservice/qtmedia_audioengined.dll' uses incompatible Qt library. Expected build key "Windows mingw release full-config", got "Windows mingw debug full-config""
    defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - ""

  • OK, I found out that I have to remove the debug libraries. But the error defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "" remains. I believe this is caused by a missing DirectShow plugin. I noticed during cofigure that it didn't detect DirectShow correctly.

    Is my assumption regarding missing DirectShow plugin correct? If yes, why the configure command didn't recognize it? I have Windows XP and DirectShow is working fine on my computer. It isn't broken by any codecpacks or other crap.

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