QTextEdit and LineFeeds

  • I'm currently developing an application that has to evaluate a specific QR-Code under linux.
    I'm using a QTextEdit as input widget. The QR-Code consits of serveal lines and it is scanned by a 2D Barcode Scanner. The lines of the QR-Code are separated by a LineFeed (0x0A) character.

    When I read this QR-Code under Emacs or vi, the code appears as expected.(multiple lines), e.g.:

    When I read the code into a QTextEdit widget, the line breaks disappear (only one long line). e.g.:

    I have tested several properties (setAcceptRichText([true, false], setWordWrapMode, setAutoFormatting)) without success.

    Reconfiguring the Scanner or changing the QR-Code is not an option.

    Is there a change to get all lines from the QR-Code into the QTextEdit widget?
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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    try QPlainTextEdit widget

  • I have tested /examples/mainwindows/application, which contains a QPlainTextEdit widget, without success ...

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    If you get the QR code in one string you could replace the line feed with carriage return and then set that to your QTextEdit.

    Hope it helps

  • A barcode scanner acts like a Human Interface Device. It sends all keys to to the current active application window. Did you mean to subclass the QTextEdit and override the keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e) ?

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    That would be a good idea to try, yes

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