Unable to install QtWRT on the N900

  • Hi,

    I hope this is the right forum for this query.

    I am trying to install the QtWRT package on my N900.

    I have added the maemo extras-devel repository added to the list of catalogue in
    the Application Manager.

    When I tried to search for the package in the Application Manager, I couldn't
    find it. So I directly downloaded the .deb of the QtWRT package from a link in
    maemo.org website. I also downloaded the dependent packages as well. When I try
    to install the .deb files, I get an error saying "Incompatible package" and the
    installation fails.

    Am I missing something here? Have I added the repository properly? Could you
    please help me with this?

    I also have PR1.3 firmware on my N900.


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