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Commercial libraries for Meego, using QT, licensing

  • Hi all.
    I am new to QT an new to Meego.
    We offer a commerial middeleware solution for game developers on a lot of different plattforms and now we want to add Meego to the supported platforms, but I am stuck with licensing and need to find out, if we can use the LGPL version of QT or need to use the commercial one.

    • We want to develop on Windows 7 or Max OS X Snow Leopard, preferable Windows, and deploy to Meego, which means, to embedded Linux.
    • We want to use QT Creator to build the binaries.
    • I am not sure, if we need to use the QT framework at all.
    • Our libraries are proprietary and commercial and so are the applications, who use it.


    • Is this scenario compatible with the LGPL if we do not use the QT framework, if that is even possible?
    • Is it still compatible with the LGPL, if we use the QT framework, but link to it dynamically?
    • Even, if our library itself is linked to the application statically?
    • Are our customers forced to provide the endusers on the MeeGo devices with the ability to link the app agaist a new MeeGo version in any of those cases and in which of them?

    Thanks for your help.

    Additional Question to platforms:
    If we only target one embedded platform (MeeGo), but want to be able to use two different non-embedded platforms to run the IDE on (Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard), but only by one person, do we need 1 or two licenses then? The licenses are per person and target platform, not per development computer, but I am not sure, if you perhaps determine the person by his development computer. If one license is fine in that case, does it need to be a Embededd Single OS, Embedd Multi OS or even all OS one, as Embedded Single OS seems to ont only allow one target OS, but even only one development OS, if I have understood the licensing informations on the website correctly.

  • Hi,

    Licensing questions in a Usergroup forum is sometimes a bit difficult. You will get many perhaps and I think.
    What I can tell you for commercial license: If you have a multi system license, the developer owning the license may use it on all platforms he has the license. He even may use the windows license on two PCs, as it's a use bound license, not a machine bound one.

    For all other questions, I suggest you directly contact "nokia Qt sales": Contact Request

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