[SOLVED]QScrollArea with resizable scrollbar in Qt is possible?

  • There is on Qt4/Qt5 support for a scroll area with resizable scrollbar? I mean, a place where the user can zoom in or zoom out the contents of the scroll area by simply resizing the scrollbar like on the image below.
    I've tried search in the internet and on the Qt docs, but i don't found it, is this possible?

    !http://s24.postimg.org/qvdfyw4zp/image.jpg(Sony Acid)!

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    no there is no such widget available ... at least in the official Qt libs.
    You will have to search for such custom made widget or do it by your own.

    Best would be to inspect the Qt sources for the QScrollBar implementation to get an idea how to implement such a behavior. Basically the behavior of the scrollbar stays the same and the changes should be minimal ... relatively :)

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