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QPrinter not working on other Distros

  • Im working on a text editor! Its got a print option! every works great on my machine! but on the target machine the print button doesn't do anything! what should i do?

  • Provide more information.

    What "print button"... one of your own or one on a Qt dialog?
    What does "doesn't do anything" mean? Cannot see printers? Cannot preview print output? Cannot display QPrintDialog? Can see printer and everything runs normally but nothing comes out? Cannot print to PDF?

  • ok maybe i missed a lot of info! i have this print button(not actually button its just a shortcut to the actionPrint) on my app ie. the main window of my text editot! when i press it on my machine it works and the print pre-view opens up! but on another machine when i click the button nothing happen! no print pre-view opens up! it acts as if the button is not connect to any slot! and ya platform is Linux! developed it on Arch Linux and testing it on black box Linux!

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