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My application generates strange core dumps

  • msvcr100.dll!67cccc04() No data
    [msvcr100.dll does not loaded]
    msvcr100.dll!67ccaf10() No data
    msvcr100.dll!67ccaf3e() No data
    msvcr100.dll!67c50350() No data
    KernelBase.dll!75686d2a() No data
    KernelBase.dll!7566bc44() No data
    ntdll.dll!773ae67f() No data
    ntdll.dll!773ae0f2() No data
    msvcr100.dll!67c5a453() No data
    app.exe!00c70118() No data
    app.exe!00c9bb00() No data
    app.exe!00c9a935() No data
    Qt5Core.dll!66b22f16() No data
    Qt5Core.dll!66b24c92() No data
    Qt5Core.dll!66b7484f() No data
    Qt5Core.dll!669b024c() No data
    Qt5Core.dll!66b803c3() No data
    msvcr100.dll!67c9c556() No data
    msvcr100.dll!67c9c600() No data
    kernel32.dll!7587339a() No data
    ntdll.dll!773b9ef2() No data
    ntdll.dll!773b9ec5() No data

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    are you sure your application uses the correct libraries they were built against?!

  • The core was orrured on other mashine with VS2010. I removed VS2010 from them and now seems application is stable..

  • But how I can protect my application it the future? On a customer side?

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    you need to deliver all libraries bundled together with your application.
    Then there shouldn't be a problem. You may want to read "this":

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