Got a crash in QSGBatchRenderer

  • It seems, crashed new optimized SG batch engine:
    @BatchRootInfo *Renderer::batchRootInfo(Node *node)
    BatchRootInfo *info = node->rootInfo(); <--- crash because node is 0x0
    if (!info) {
    if (node->type() == QSGNode::ClipNodeType)
    info = new ClipBatchRootInfo;
    else {
    Q_ASSERT(node->type() == QSGNode::TransformNodeType);
    info = new BatchRootInfo;
    node->data = info;
    return info;

    It happens when StackView changing page

    Dev platform:
    Ubuntu 12.04/13.04 64bit, Qt 5.2.0 dev branch release/debug

  • Ok, made some further investigate
    It crashes if there is an Item inside the page (label in my case), which has text, rendered out of item's boundaries

  • hmm. not so easy
    Label is part of the Listview delegate and if its char number exceeds 74, its crashes

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