[Solved] Delay in displaying the data in textEdit

  • Hai,

    I am reading the data from real time and it is stored in some variable QStringlist and I split the data with new line and stored in qstring variable, next displying this data in QlineEdit,

    my problem was while displaying the data I want some delay to each value but I am unable to do that.
    I tried following code
    QStringList strLines;
    QString line_array[100];
    int i=0,j=0,k=0;
    foreach (QString line, strLines)

       QThread timer;

    please any one suggetion me

  • The ui is only updated after you leave the method/function. So you basically make all the changes and it's displayed once afterwards.

    Maybe a QTimer that fires a slot function every now and then might help you.

  • But I want online updation is there any possible method to display the data

  • Now I am puzzled. You want online updates but they should be delayed?!
    Want I meant is: when data comes in, pass it to a slot that displays the first line. Afterwards fire a timer on itself, then display the next line and so on...

  • thank you for your reply using this mechanism I solved my problem

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