Can't build Qt 4.8.5 with i686-w64-mingw32

  • Hi all,

    Last day I've successfully build Qt 4.8.5 with the 64-bit target version of the rubenvb version.
    Now i want to build the 32 bit version of Qt with the rubenvb 32 target version, but i get the following error when start make:

    @make (e=2): Impossibile trovare il file specificato.
    makefile:335: recipe for target `main.o' failed
    mingw32-make: *** [main.o] Error 2@

    this error happen also with ming w64 (32/64) autobuilds("mingw build...": targetting Win32/Automated Builds/)

    i don't really understand why i've sucefully build Qt with 64bit and not with 32bit.
    i've also tried to build a simple helloworld but it give me the same problem.
    I think it's something with the path "/" or "". but why 64 yes and not 32???

    thanks in advance

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