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Couple of questions about Qt Creator UI

  • There are windows like "stack" or "local variables", they are very useful during debugging, but they are worthless when debugger is off.

    How to auto hide them when I am not debugging? Do I need to manually click them off in menu?

    How to put stack view in the same window as problems/log messages so it won't occupy more space?

    How to open multiple files and quickly switch between them? I am only aware of ctrl+TAB but it's not as friendly as tabs or even a list of files subset (not all files in project).

    1. The debugger views are not visible when in "Edit" mode, so either click on "Edit" or press a suitable short cut, like "Ctrl-2". Simply "Esc" takes you there, too.

    2. Unlock the Windows (Windows->Views->Locked), drag & drop where you want and either re-lock, or leave them unlocked.

    3. http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.8/creator-faq.html, last question.

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