Why there is no official static Windows build?

  • I use Qt installed for Windows/mingw and whole development environment looks complete with the exception of deployement process.

    Could you explain why there is no official package with static Qt build for Windows?

    I read many guides and forum threads about building it, but this is very hard task, you need to build multiple things before Qt, then you need to do some magic to build Qt. Isn't better to just provide static build in installer?

    Or maybe I miss something and static build is not what you typicaly do to deploy on Windows. Then what's the preferred way?

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    The windows deployment is "described here":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtdoc/deployment-windows.html
    Using static libs has some implications to the "license for application.":http://qt-project.org/products/licensing
    For static build more different builds would be necessary. Different memory and threading models would require different builds. Therefore, it is also a capacity problem.

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