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[Qt 5.1.1] Converting html to pdf, english plaintext of html is printed garbled in pdf, but same thing in Qt4 works fine.

  • Hi,

    While converting html to pdf, the qt 5.X displays garbled text in pdf. If I see the properties in the pdf the font used in case of garbled text pdf is Cursor TrueType(CID) Embedded. While in qt4.X, which shows english, the font is Utopia-regular.

    Doing ldd on my binary, which is built with qt4, it gives libfontconfig.so.1 and libfreetype.so.6(fonts) as its dependency. But if i compile my project with qt5, compilation is successful and the resulting binary has nothing of this(font) sort in dependency. I am wondering what is right dependency for fonts for Qt5?

    What am I missing in qt5 to display text in pdf in right format? Can someone help me out? Do let me know if you don't understand the problem?

    One interesting thing is if I copy the garbled text from pdf and copy it in my text editor, it displays english. Let me know what I am missing?


  • Yes, HTML to PDF converters are helpful. I work on free HTML to PDF and online HTML to PDF converters. They are making work easier.

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