Reproducing Qt 5.1.1 MSVC platform installation builds

  • As was noted in a different thread, there is no pre-built binary distribution of Qt 5.1.x for 32-bit Windows, OpenGL, MSVC2012, although there is one for MSVC2010.

    I need to support both Windows 7/8 and legacy 32-bit Windows XP using OpenGL and MSVC2012. As is explained in the OpenGL vs. ANGLE discussion in the docs, ANGLE doesn't work on XP.

    I am perfectly happy to build the 32-bit and 64-bit versions from source, if only the documentation would explain how to do it! I cannot find any instructions, anywhere, on what magical options to give to the configure script to build a Qt 5.1.1 installation that would be exactly like the pre-built one.

    Randomly guessing at likely combinations of options invariably leads to a failure several hours later during the nmake phase.

    So, is there any documentation, anywhere, on the configure options that are used to create the Makefiles used for the standard pre-built installations? Specifically, the ones used for 32-bit OpenGL MSVC2010 and 64-bit OpenGL MSVC2012? I can figure out what to change to build the 32-bit MSVC2012 version, but not by random guesses.

    Thanks in advance.

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