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How to manage subproject settings in a subdir project in Qt Creator?

  • Hello experts-

    I have created several library and application projects using Qt Creator. When they are put as side-by-side projects in a session in Qt Creator, I can separately control (edit) the build and run settings of each of the component projects. Now I create a subdirs project in which I add these app/library projects. Whereas the subprojects can work in the new subdir project the same way they did in the sesson state, I lose the controls on the build and run settings of the subprojects, i.e., I do not have the access to the build/run settings of an individual subproject any more. All the build/run seetings that I can deal with are only those of the subdirs project. The building and working directories of each of the subprojects are automatically set to some new places by the Qt Creator. I want to keep the directory paths the same as before; since I have lost the managment capacity on these settings, I cannot do this right now. My questions for you are: does Qt Creator have any methods to allow the user to manage the subproject settings in a subdirs project? if not, are there any workarrounds to deal with this problem?

    Any tips/suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


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