Style a QTableView's cells to look like Header sections?

  • Is it possible to style a QTableView's cells to look like Headers?

    I am trying to implement a QTableView that will act like a header for another QTableView.
    This is because I need a multiple-level header for my tableView.
    Is there a way that I could make this QTableView look exactly like a header?
    Including the State_Sunken / State_On behavior.
    At the moment I am looking at QStyleOptionViewItem but I am a bit confused with this.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Theoretically it's possible but may you share a snippet of your qss?

    P.S. Don't forget to take a look into:

  • I don't want to render the cells using a style sheet, because it seems to be quite difficult to make them look exactly the same with the Header sections.
    I have been trying to do that using the QStyleOptionHeader and casting it somehow to QStyleOptionViewItem, but with no success..Do you think that I'm just losing my time with that?

    I am new to Qt, so maybe what I try is a bit fullish..Don't know..

  • Personally I always use stylesheets unless they couldn't fit my needs then I turn around to customize a new style by C++

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