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Using QtQuick Location Map with C++ QGeoMap* items

  • I have a very trivial need, I have Qt Quick UI and I am using Location Map elementy to display map.
    I have C++ application logic that generates data to be displayed on map. My C++ code has QGeoMapPolylineObject that I would like to display on map. Qml Map object has addMapObject() function but that function would like to have QDeclarativeGeoMapObject but from C++ I have QGeoMapObject.

    I could create QDeclarativeGeoMapPolylineObject cfom my C++ code but that class is definen on private header qdeclarativegeomappolylineobject_p.h . Having my source depending on Qt Location private heares does not sound a good idea.

    I have tried look also other alternatives from Qml Location plugin but all of them takes input as QDeclarativeGeoMap* and I have not find any way to pass QGeoMap* objects there.

    Is there any practical method display data from C++ to Qml Location Map ?

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