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Where does qmake get it's include directories from ?

  • i cross compiled qt5.1.1 in my ~/Downloads/qt/qt-everywhere... / directory
    it installed it to ~/Downloads/qt/rootfs/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/ (the rootfs of the device)
    it also installed qmake to /opt/qt5.1.1-armel/

    but when i call /opt/qt5.1.1-armel/qmake the Makefile that gets generates still points to the rootfs of for INCPATH

    @INCPATH = -I/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/mkspecs/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-g++ -I../src -I/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.6.2-glibc-2.13-linaro-multilib-2011.12/fsl-linaro-toolchain/arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi/multi-libs/default/usr/include -I../src -I../../../../../../Downloads/qt/rootfs/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/include -I../../../../../../Downloads/qt/rootfs/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/include/QtWidgets -I../../../../../../Downloads/qt/rootfs/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/include/QtGui -I../../../../../../Downloads/qt/rootfs/opt/qt5.1.1-armel/include/QtCore -I. -I. -I.@

    i've exported QTDIR and QT_INSTALL_PREFIX before i call qmake but it makes no difference

    i would like to redistribute the whole qt directory with all the dependencies to all the other developers areound here using 1 /opt/qt5.1.1-armel/ directory

    how can i point qmake to look at /opt/qt5.1.1-armel/ instead ? or is this hard coded in qmake once it is built ?

  • mmm no answer,
    how about is there a way to set the standard qt include directories ?

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    You could try using "qt.conf":

    What I generally do is install Qt on the host and copy the needed files on the target (there are some things that are not needed)

  • thanks Samuel ! i'll give that a try.

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