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QtJambi and Qt creator

  • Hello guys,

    If I want to write a code in java Qt creator, google shows QtJambi as the solution.
    From what I have understood, it provies java language bindings. I reffered this link "".
    I want to know :

    1. Is Qtjambi and Qtcreator different ??

    2. I am using Qtcreator for my development purpose but Unable to use bluetooth libraries ( tried with the bt chat example).I tried to install Qtmobility but it ain't working ( installation is failing everytime with different errors, not able to figure out )... So I am thinking of writing a java code using java libraries and compile it using Qt.
      Is this even possible ?? Is Qt jambi helpful for doing this ??

    3. If I install Qtjambi, will that affect my other projects in Qtcreator ??

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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