./configure ; make ; make install, but Qt 4.8.5 doesn't actually install

  • I need to upgrade Qt on my development box (Centos 6.2), but Qt 4.8.5 will not fully install (no qmake, no examples, no plugins, etc). The build directory has ./demos, ./examples, ./doc, ./mkspecs, and many more directories, but they don't get copied over with "make install". The "install" target (in the root directory "Makefile") lists all the subtargets I need to install and more, but for some reason they don't. I would just copy them manually, but they are full of other build files and not just the target files I'm after. (Note: "gmake install" does copy over ./bin [with only 4 files in it], ./include, and ./lib, but that's it).

    Things I have tried:

    as user:

    • tar -xzf qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5.tar.gz (to a local directory)
    • ./configure
    • gmake

    as root:

    • gmake install

    I have also tried the entire process as root just to see what would happen. I have cleaned the build directory (gmake uninstall ; gmake confclean) and went through the install process again. I have also deleted the build directory and started over from scratch.

    The configuring and compiling complete fine, and "gmake install" also completes without complaint. Am I missing something simple? Every "try" I take is a real time commitment, and none of the forums cover this problem (which likely means the problem is me).


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