Deploy Qt Quick app on WIndows

  • I created an app to learn a few things about Qt(creating cross-platform apps is something I like). Linking Boost on was a bit though, but I did it after a few days (programming is heuristic after all) . However, now I'm facing a deployment problem which I cannot solve it alone. Here is how I did depoy the app:

    1. built app which release mode

    2. copy all .dll from mingw's bin folder(oops, forgot to mention that I'm using Qt 5.1 with MinGW 32 bits) in release folder:

    3. then I did copy it on another PC. And kaboom, an error pop up:
      'This application failed to start bacause it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows".'( )
      Actually there is platforms/qwindow.dll :
      Tried to find a solution on Google, no luck at all.

    If you know what the problem is, please spend few minutes to share your knowledge. Thanks a lot!

  • Found the solution myself, qwindowsd.dll is also required. First I did copy all files, then I removed files which I thought weren't necessary.

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