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Qt Creator - Quick 2.0 Designer

  • Hello,

    I can't seem to get Qt Creator 2.8.1 working with the QML designer in Ubuntu 12.04. When I open a QML file and go to the "Design" button the screen switches to the designer but I don't see any of the layout. If I go to the QML file and import QtQuick 1.1 instead of 2.0, the layout shows up fine. I've tried rebuilding qml2puppet to no avail. I'm using the Qt 5.1.1 online installer. Any thought on what might be causing this?


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    Are you including all the new stuff (QtQuick, QtQml, not QtQuick1 or QtDeclarative)?

  • I'm only including QtQuick 2.0 in the qml. I'm starting to believe this may be cause by not having opengl in my Ubuntu 12.04 VM.

  • It was an opengl issue or at least a video driver issue. I reinstalled my VirtualBox guest additions and it works now.

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