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Qt 5 Qcamera CaptureVideo

  • Hello! I use a qt 5 and class qcamera to capture video from your screen and its subsequent record. OC Windows 7

    1. receiving device camera:

    QByteArray cameraDevice;
    foreach(const QByteArray &deviceName, QCamera::availableDevices()) {
    QString description = camera->deviceDescription(deviceName);
    if (cameraDevice.isEmpty()) {
    cameraDevice = deviceName;
    (after the first step, I get a : device == uscreencapture)

    1. after I check:
      camera = new QCamera(cameraDevice);
      bool check = true;
      check = camera->isCaptureModeSupported(QCamera::CaptureVideo);
      and check == false

    Tell me how do I correct this situation?

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