QWebFrame::findAllElements() doesn't work in separate thread

  • hi. i'm trying to parse webPage to get all links on it. i use a QThreadPool and my own class implementing QRunnable, which provides all fucntionality. Everything is going good, if I run such QRunnable in main thread, but
    when I put my Runnable to the thread pool, QWebFrame::findAllElements("a") returns empty set. =(

    I run my Runnable:
    in same thread, findAllElements() works perfect

    findAllElements() returns empty set =(

    I've already spent many hours trying to figure out problem. =(

    Here is my code snippets:

    @class WebLoader : public QObject, public QRunnable
    QUrl url;
    QString textPattern;
    QWebPage* page;
    explicit WebLoader(const QUrl& url, const QString& textPattern);
    void run();
    virtual ~WebLoader();
    void loaded(QList<QUrl> urls, bool error, bool found);
    private slots:
    void loadFinished(bool success);

    @WebLoader::WebLoader(const QUrl& url, const QString& textPattern): url(url), textPattern(textPattern) {

    void WebLoader::run() {
    QEventLoop loop;

    page = new QWebPage;
    connect(page->mainFrame(), SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), SLOT(loadFinished(bool)));
    connect(page->mainFrame(), SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), &loop, SLOT(quit()));


    void WebLoader::loadFinished(bool success) {
    QList<QUrl> urlList;
    bool found = false;

    if(success) {
        QWebElementCollection collection = page->mainFrame()->findAllElements("a");
        foreach(QWebElement element, collection) {
            if(element.hasAttribute("href")) {
        found = page->findText(textPattern);
    emit loaded(urlList, !success, found);


    PS. sorry for my english.

  • That is not possible with current Webkit 2, alas Webkit 3 is QML only and is missing a ton of useful features

    Webkit 2 creates and uses QWidgets so all access to Qt webkit should be done on main thread. This is by design.
    What you want should be possible with Webkit 3 alas we are still waiting for a decent C++ API

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. It's sadly, webkit could be a great tool for html-parsing.
    Finally, I've used regexps to cut out "<a ></a>" fragments from html-code.

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