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Diagnosing QDir::rmdir failure

  • I'm using the following code to delete an empty folder on Linux:

    @bool removeFolder (const QString& path)
    QDir dir(path);
    return dir.rmdir(".");

    For some reason it sometimes returns false (for specific folders, but those folders don't seem to be wrong in any way). If I subsequently use ::rmdir from <unistd.h> to remove the same folder, it succeeds.
    How can I tell why QDir::rmdir is failing?

    This never happened on Windows so far, QDir::rmdir just works.

  • Are you certain that a seemingly non-deletable directory does not contain hidden objects (starting with a ".")? QDir::rmdir() cannot handle non-empty directories.

    If you are using Qt5, you could use a different function:

  • I am certain, I also have this assert and it never triggers:

    @assert(dir.entryList(QDir::NoDotAndDotDot | QDir::Hidden | QDir::System).isEmpty());@

    And, like I said, ::rmdir deletes the folder and indicates no error. I don't believe it can delete non-empty folders.

    If it was Windows I would step into QDir source when debugging and would see why exactly it is failing. Unfortunately, I'm new to Linux and don't know how to make Qt debuggable.

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