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Qt for Embedded linux - 4.8 vs 5.0 - QtQuick 1.1 vs 2.0

  • I have successfully set up host PC with Qt 4.8.4 - QtQuick 1.1. Since then there has been many updates with a major step up to Qt 5 and QtQuick 2.0. I think there is a significant benefit in moving to the new version, however I cannot see the Qt 5.0 embedded linux version on the download page.

    Am I missing something or there will be no embedded linux support on Qt versions above 4.8?

  • Hi marcin100,

    Since Qt5, there's no more need for a dedicated linux embedded version, thanks to the drop of the QWS part, and full use of QPA. So you can use the regular Qt version, and don't have to worry about embedded linux being supported.


  • Thank you.

    So there is no special steps required to configure Qt for the specific microprocessor as it was done via the qmake.conf file?

  • Hi

    If QWS has disappeared. What is used for cross compiling?

    How do I configure QT5 for a specific processor?

    I need to do QT5 cross-compile from Linux to ARM linux. (I do this to QT4 but not for QT5).


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