[SOLVED]How to configure users access politic

  • Hello all!

    I have difficulty with configuring users access permissions.

    My application will storage individual dictionary (pair key value) collection for each user that in group Students.
    Users in Students group don't must can see dictionary each other, but each user can create, update and remove its individaul dictionary objects collection.

    I don't understand which permissions I must declare for dictionary object.
    Can I create collections of dictionary objects that will can see and edit only specified user?

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    One way to implement this is to save all objects into single collection (object type). Just go to your object type details in dashboard and set following access control rules:

    • collection acl: grant "create" only to "Students"
    • object acl template: grant all permissions only to "creator"

    Now users in "Students" group can create new objects and each user will only get access to own objects.

  • Thank you, but I found more elegant unix way solution.

    For each user I will create unique user and usergroup with the same name.

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