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"IntelliSense" problem (2 projects with UI classes with same name)

  • I don't know if this is known problem (or maybe not considered as problem at all), but i encountered problem with code completion/syntax highlighting in Qt Creator (2.8.1).

    When I have opened two projects and both of them contain *.ui file with same name, class name and namespace name (lets say mainwindow.ui which generates ui_mainwindow.h/Ui_MainWindow).
    In this situation I include file "ui_mainwindow.h" in some other file in project B, but Qt Creator thinks I included file from project A (when I use "Follow Symbol Under Cursor" feature or code completion) and uses file from project A build directory.
    Lets just note that, these projects are unrelated and build works fine.

    Hopefully is my explanation of problem undestandable.
    Thanks for any response.

  • I have encountered the same problem not only with UI class but any class with the same name from 2 different opened projects. This is quite annoying and effectively broke the "intelliSense" feature.

  • Same problem here. Not sure if this bug has been reported. The best way to avoid this is not to use similar names.

    • "Prevention is better than cure."

  • More on this bug. It affects the Refactor-Rename feature as well. When I try to rename a method, QTCreator renames that method in other project and leaves the one in the current edited project intact. Kind of driving new users like me mad.

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