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Newbie problem with xmpp stanzas (qxmpp)

  • Hi there,

    I've just started with my project of simple xmpp IM client and I need small advice.

    I have iq stanza like this to register new user on my server:

    <iq type='set' id='reg2'>
    <query >

    to send that I need to use function sendPacket(const QXmppIq&) (using QXmpp lib) but there is my problem, I don't really know how to fill that stanza into it (I'd probably manage it by simply trying but I sadly have no time now). I was looking for some example codes on net but didn't find anything helpful, so please if anyone can help me it would save my time (as I'll have some) for actual coding instead of trying to code/looking for something on internet :)

    Thanks for any help.

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    You should rather ask this to the qxmpp maintainers, you are more likely to get an answer

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