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Standard include path in generic projects

  • Hi,

    When following a C++ language symbol (say "string") in a generic project, I'd like Qt Creator to show me a particular UNIX definition, not the default compiler one (mingw).
    I've added the path to the UNIX standard lib in the <project>.includes.
    But the default compiler one seems to have higher priority.
    (when a symbol is defined only in the UNIX lib, it works.)

    How can I tell Qt to ignore the default compiler standard include path or give it a lower priority in the include lookup?
    Since it's a generic project qmake is not used, and there is no <project>.pro file where I could specify the QMAKE_CFLAGS or QMAKE_CXXFLAGS.

    Version: Qt Creator 2.8.0 on Windows XP SP3.

    Thanks for any help.


  • Use a unix compiler then.

    The standard compiler include paths are always used and put first. With Qt Creator 3.0 you are free to define a "Custom tool chain" where you can define all the compiler settings manually, basically for exactly this kind of use case.

    The tricky part there is getting the regexps used to retrieve build errors right in a custom compiler.

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