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Tips on getting started on Qt embeded

  • Hi guys,
    There is a project coming up at our lab that involves embedded devices and I am looking into this Qt embedded thing.I am fairy comfortable with Qt (Desktop) and I would be glad if more experienced folks could provide tips on getting in " fast" on Qt embedded.Links to docs that have been effective would help or even a book that makes things clear.
    Also some tips on any good hardware that could make life easy would be helpful.


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    Well you have pretty much the same possibilities with QtEmbedded (sounds like you might be using Qt4) that you have with a standard Qt. If you are using Qt 4 (I don't know yet if there's something similar for Qt 5) you have the Qvfb that you can use to simulate the screen of your embedded system so you can test the look and feel of your application without starting it on your target device.

    The hard part might be to setup the cross-compiling environment (unless your target is a x86 system) and the libraries you will need. There are however several existing projects that provides tools to generate target rootfs with all what you need thus also providing the means to cross-compile your application.

    As for the hardware, it will depend on what the project needs, the constraints, form factor etc...

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks SGaist,
    Qvfb sounds like a good starting point and I am trying it.You re right I m using Qt 4 :-)

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    You're welcome !

    Just one more thing, check that all your dependencies are either already available or cross-compilable to ARM

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