Embedded Private Cloud Project

  • So, call me ambitious. I'm setting out to build a private cloud that uses Minnowboard and runs iOS for its WebDAV capabilities. I'm calling it, for the lack of a better name, MinnowBox for now, as it will function a lot like DropBox only privately.

    Anyway, I've submitted this idea to the "Yocto Project's innovation challenge":https://yoctoprojectchallenge.intel.com/. (It will only run distributions compatible with Yocto). The GUI for the actual MinnowBox application is being dev'd out with Qt. Basically just want some feedback on my contest idea. Look it over, it's the third idea listed on the site. While you're at it, you should submit an idea of your own if you're doing any embedded development. It's a cool idea for contest, IMHO.

    Looking forward to feedback. Thanks for reading.


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