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Does the QLabel use the parents StyleSheet for formatting its rich text (html subset)?

  • I have a label with this text

    and on the labels parent window I have a stylesheet:
    "h1 { font: 89px }"

    However, the h1 style in the label is not affected by it. Any ideas?

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    AFAIK the style sheet affects the widgets not it's content

  • I guessed something like that. I feel the whole css integration is not finished yet. too many places you still have to hardcode style values in c++ and cannot put everything in css.

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    Are you maybe mixing two different concepts ?
    You can reuse the widget's font when building your html content but styling a widget is clearly independent of the generated content (i.e the html you put in the label).

    Using a QSS is not the same as using a css to style a web page or html content, it's really only intended to modify the widget's appearance

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