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QWebview WebKit2 drag and drop does not work

  • Hi everybody

    I have a problem that I hope somebody can shed some light on.

    I have built Qt 5.1.1 for an embedded Linux device. I see the problem on several devices, and it doesn't seem to be a device specific issue.

    I have a simple QML application like the one shown here

    With this webview I don't have drag support. shows no support for drag (Found under User Interaction)

    With the demo at I cannot drag items to the bin.

    Dragging the list in the bottom of the FlickrView QML demo works.

    If I use either the browser or fancybrowser examples to show dragging works.

    I hope somebody can give a clue as to why dragging works in the WebKit based demos, but not with a simple WebKit2 application.


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