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How to make an update to a program

  • lets say that i made this program
    int main()
    double x=0;
    return 0;

    and i want to update it so it can print "xxx" instead of "x*x"
    i know it's a meaningless program,but can you tell me the concept
    of updating

  • Moderators

    You don't mean updating the source code, right? You are asking about application updating like Firefox, Chrome updaters?

    That depends a lot. In general, what you need to do, is to write code that will download the newly built version of your application, and then replace the files that need to be replaced (app executable, libraries, config files etc.).

    Or, if you are wise enough to be using Linux, you can leverage distro updaters like apt-get, pacman, etc.

  • thanks a lot,
    and yes i mean application updating

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