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QLocale detects system language incorrectly on Windows with language pack installed

  • I am attempting to detect current system language with QLocale:
    @QLocale::Language sysLangId = QLocale::system().language();@

    However, it's not working correctly. I'm on Russian Windows 7 with English language pack applied, but language() returns Russian instead of English. Is there any workaround?

  • Maybe
    @QStringList QLocale::uiLanguages() const@

    works for you.
    I think the Qt developers have problems with that, too. At least with their installers.

  • I thought it will list all the languages registered in my system, i. e. Russian and English in my case. Will try, thanks.

  • Yes but the docs say they are prioritized. I hope(d) that would bring up English in your case.

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