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[Suggestion] Sorting forum thread by replies

  • To see most interest questions, must be added sorting capabilities by replies and ratings. It can be implemented in "Advanced search".

  • From what I read this will probably be part of a new wave of features designed to improve the Q&A threads. I don't believe it has been a formal announcement or schedule yet.

  • Bug-tracker doesn't contain any ticket about sorting.

  • I am sorry. You are right! I didn't realize you were talking about the search results. I was thinking about sorting the "answers" within a (question) thread.

    I agree with you. A new suggestion on bug-tracker makes perfect sense.

  • Thanks, that makes sense - to add "Rating" and "Replies" in the "Sort by" drop-down.

    I'll add it to my issue wish list, cheers :)

  • Rating is ok for me (now that project Elf's rating-up-everything-to-gain-points is over), number of replies is debatable.

    The latter is purely a number metric that is in no way related to the quality of a thread. You can, for example, have a question, well formulated, good to understand where just one reply, also well formulated and understandable, is just enough. While this thread may get a bunch of "rated up" counts, it almost always falls behind in sense of number of replies. On the other hand there are threads with 4 pages of replies with barely any valuable information in it...

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