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Linking with ICC to a Qt built with Gcc?

  • I have been using a Qt4.8.2 compiled with gcc, to link in an applicaton built with icc (on a linux x86_64)
    Now that i have switched to 4.8.5, when i build my app with icc, i get the following errors :
    error: taking the address of a bit field is not allowed
    This is on the three Q_UNUSED() lines of ifYouGetCompileErrorHereYouUseWrongQt() of include/QTest/qtestspontaneevent.h
    But those three lines, are new in the function, so i guess my error is not related to the function name?
    (They were apparently added there :

    I'm only at the compilation, and not the linkage phase, so this shouldn't be an icc/gcc conflict, right?
    Can i safely remove those lines to build my app, considering it's only a wartning, that is notified by a compiler i won't use (Clang according to the commit)
    Or any other hints to solves this the proper way?

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    Did you build Qt yourself ? If so, why not build it directly with icc ?

    As for your question, you should try to ask on the interest mailing list, you'll find Qt's developers/maintainers (this forum is more user oriented)

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