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How to Build/Compile other c++ projects in qt

  • Hi every one,
    I am new to Qt and Linux, so please help me to put first step in qt world...
    I have a C++ open source project, its a big project with thousands of lines of code and depending on other open source libraries. Since Its a console application I want to build a front end tool for it. So please help me how to do this and how to build/compile this code in qt. It can be easily compiled on gcc compiler.
    Also, please tell me where I can get * basic information * about how to link/use external libraries in qt project.
    please note I am very new to this, so give the information with basics...

  • Hi,

    first of all: Welcome to Qt.

    I suggest to start read QMake Manual in order to learn how to build your code; after that you could start read simple Qt Turorial and learn how to build a simple Qt Application.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply,
    First I will go through the Qmake manual then if I get any problems I will post it here....

  • hi,
    I have understood the basics of Qmake, but the code I have is a big program it includes more no. of files and there are many other libraries and packages on which the program depends. So it is becoming difficult to create .pro file....
    also tell me is it possible to convert a 'configure' or 'cmake' file into .pro file

  • It's possible but you can do it by hands, I don't know if exists some tools that help you to do

  • i made this conversion by hand with only some classes and it has been a real pain i'm afraid ;( be sure you have enough time to get skilled in qt if you are not already.

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    If you already have a cmake project, then you can continue using cmake. Qt support has been integrated for some time now in it.

  • thanks for everybody,
    @ SGaist : please give me more details about how to use cmake project in Qt....

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  • hi SGaist,
    this link will give only the details about 'how to build qt project from cmake'
    but I want to know the opposite, that is 'how to build a cmake project in qt'

    I have a project which can be build using cmake. But I want to compile/run the same code using an IDE like Qt. So, to run this code I need a qt project file which has all the information like the dependencies and libraries for this code. how to develop this Qt project file....

    I need help to run this code on Qt IDE....

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    You don't build a cmake project in Qt. You use cmake to build a project that uses Qt.

    QtCreator has support for cmake project. But you still have to write the file yourself, the link you found provides an explanation on how to write a cmake file to build a Qt project, which is what you need, there is no use to change your build system since cmake already support Qt

  • ok, I will try that....
    Thank you very much

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