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QTableWidget strange selection problems

  • Hello!

    I'm using Python and PyQt4 and got a problem with selection of ranges in a QTableWidget. Suppose I have following table:
    [name] [val1] [val2]
    a 1 2
    b ...
    c ...
    d ...
    e ...

    I would now like to delete a selection of those rows (via a button). I tried several ways: table.selectedItems, table.selectionModel.selectedRows/Columns/Indexes/Selection. However every approach gives me wrong values when I selected multiple rows with Shift-key.
    E.g. selectedRows is empty and selectedItems won't give me every item (but instead only a handful of items so only a few get deleted).

    Every help is appreciated!

  • selectedRows only returns the rows where all columns are selected. Maybe use it in conjunction with

    If that doesn't work, take a closer look at selectedIndexes, and maybe post some information about your input/output here. selectedIndexes will contain every single selected item, even multiple ones per row if you select complete rows.

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