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[Solved] Best way to handle GUI thread in multi-threaded application?

  • Hi,
    I have classes A, B & C.
    In a function in class A, I am creating object of B in a different thread. In the B object I am creating as many objects of C as no of cores. So the actual number crunching is happening in class C for say 4 threads. The thread of object of B is waiting for all these threads to finish after which it will finish itself & there will only be the GUI thread in A object. Now when the number crunching is happening the GUI is freezing & shows "[Not Responding]" in title bar. I don't want the GUI to be active (i.e. allow button clicking, etc) but atleast it should not freeze & show "Not Responding". With this background let me explain in code:

    //...some stuff
    QThread *bthr = new QThread();
    B *bObj = new B();
    connect(bthr, SIGNAL(started()), bObj, SLOT(calc()));
    QTimer::singleShot(1000, NULL, NULL);
    disconnect(bthr, SIGNAL(started()), s, SLOT(calc()));
    //... some more stuff

    Please overlook syntax errors.
    In the calc() SLOT of class B, I am creating 4 objects of class C & moving them to different threads for number crunching.
    So to avoid the GUI freezing I used the above code, which perfectly does what is needed.
    But the CPU performance which was previously 100% has dropped to 90%.
    Now if I comment the QTimer & instead use the QThread::wait(), then also I am getting what is required.
    But it is again affecting performance + throwing qWarning() "thread tried to wait on itself"

    So my question is what is the best way to handle a GUI thread to avoid freezing but not affect performance.
    Sorry about the long post!
    Thanks :)

  • I think Qt Slots are not thread safe , while signals are thread safe. So keep some locking mechanism to improve GUI performance. GUI it self runs in main thread.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Why not just have a slot connected to bthr's finished slot ?

    You disable/lock/etc... your application GUI in func1() and enable/release/etc... in your "threadFinished" slot. Thus no need for that loop + the wait.

  • Hi SGaist,

    Thank You for your reply.
    In my code:

    bthr->wait(); disconnect(bthr, SIGNAL), s, SLOT)); //… some more stuff

    As you can see I am performing some operations after the wait() gets over.
    What you are saying is I think, bthr->start(); should be the last line in A::func1(); correct?

    If yes then how would I be able to resume from the point where bthr->wait() is called?
    I will have to move all this code into the new SLOT right?
    But this would be a bad coding technique...right?

    Sorry for asking so many questions.
    Can you please tell me how you leave the GUI thread in your multi-threaded applications?
    Thanks again.

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    It all depends on what your thread does and what your cleanup code does.

    Calling wait will suspend the calling thread, so if it's the GUI thread, it'll freeze it.

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